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Payment and delivery

There are two payment options for Castlebeds products:

Online with your country bank account, banklink payments;
Your online bank – performing the transaction manually based on the invoice received on checkout section.

Orders are processed only after the payment of invoice is paid. Invoice is considered paid when the sum of the whole order is transferred to Castlebeds bank (Ltd. Paysera.com) account. Delivery is secured by B2B Logistics KFT company that offers courier services worldwide. Delivery costs are 25.00 EUR and if you need also assambley then total price will be 150.00 EUR.

The option for the customer to choose the order fulfilment time can be found in CastleBeds website’s order processing (basket) section. When the order is ready, it is given to our delivery partner on the next working day, which is then considered as the reference point for the above indicated approximate delivery time.

Courier provides product delivery to the address given by the customer– straight to the doorstep. Upon arrival of the shipment, the customer is required to present a valid ID. The customer must not delay the courier for longer than 30 minutes.