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We are a very highly skilled team of Europe based carpenters providing amazing made to order handmade eco furniture.
We have our own collection, but we also welcome any ideas or dreams you may have, contact us for a no obligation quote.
As all our products are hand made from order date to receiving in average takes 3-12 weeks.

Health and safety legislation updates very often, due to this we may need to make some changes to some of the designs to reflect these changes

All orders are delivered via our own Europe based logistic company “B2B Logistics” kft

However if you would prefer to have your product installed, we can do so but please contact us first to discuss this – price is starting from 150 EUR depending on country where are you based.
Due to unforseen circumstances we may have to delay your delivery date, if we do, we promise this will be no more than 3 weeks

Our International orders will be taken on a customers understanding of the ‘ex works’ and not ‘export’ means, a link is provided below for clarification although we will check this link has been fully read and agreed upon before ordering:


We are currently working to 3-12 weeks for order completions due to exceptional demand, if you do require delivery earlier please contact us to see if we can help.
The 3-12 week timescale means working weeks and doesn’t include holidays i.e Christmas as we also wouldn’t be working.


The products listed on our website are made to order and handmade.

As all our products are hand made & made to order they are by law returnable only in case if not damaged and can be reused. You can refuse delivery of order at any time and reuqest full refund.
Go to the point in your home or apartment building where the delivery will begin and walk the path that the delivery team will take to carry your new furniture into your room of choice. Your order will be delivered via our logistic company “B2B Logistics” kft so please be sure your property is accessible and call us prior to delivery if not. If you ordered also instalation then our delivery guys will do it for you as it is paid service.
These designs are not made to fit into lifts, problems can occur with long gravel driveways & flats on high floors with tight access so please inform us prior to delivery if this is applicable.
We take full responsibility for any damage that may occur while delivering goods.

CastlBeds.net has several teams based in the European Union – Latvia, Lithuania. UK, Estonia, Hungary, Germany, France, Italy and much more. The isntaltaion services are available in these countries.

We take pride in our work and enjoy making dreams come true for everyone.

With shipping available worldwide and competitive prices, we offer dreams coming true to everyone! Before order instalation services, please contact us and ask, because at the moment we are not providing Instalation services in USA, Russia and some other countries.