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The very beginning

Here we are going to introduce you little bit about CastleBeds.net

So we are a local company which started in early 2016. At the first point of view, we just produced one bed per month to our local Latvian market. Our main key points were that we used 100% eco materials from Latvia, everything was hand made from scratch and demand for such furniture were growing from month to month. Already after a year in Eco-friendly castle bed producing we started to receive orders from the USA, Canada and so on. Launched our own logistics company and started to offer full specter services all over the world until we start seeing some negative things. Until this point, we were selling our furniture only in the closed market, for private orders. And finally, the turning point has reached. After we start seeing that our produced beds are sold in the USA, Canada for 2-4x higher price then we produce to our partners, there were no other options than go online for public sale in Europe and Worldwide. In the last year, we have moved our small factory from Latvia to Hungary where is also registered our Logistic company “B2B Logistics”kft and increased our manufactury power to 250-350 Castle beds per month.

Our main keypoints

  • We are Europe based company moved from Latvia to Hungary, offering full specter services starting from handmade eco-friendly bed producing finishing with logistics and delivery.
  • All used materials are eco-friendly. All materials are delivered from Latvian woodworking companies to our manufactury in Hungary
  • 100% handmade and each product can be modified or painted based on each client needs

Manufactury process

Final look

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